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Havaianas sandals are on consumer’s feet in 106 countries

The brand takes irreverence and the Brazilian spirit to the world; about 4 billion pairs have already been sold since its creation. The Havaianas brand is part of the portfolio of Alpargatas, one of the most traditional companies in Brazil that has existed for 107 years.

When Havaianas were created in 1962, Alpargatas’ idea was to create footwear accessible to any Brazilian’s wallet. The products were inspired by a traditional Japanese sandal called Zori, which was comfortable and made with fabric straps and woven rice straw. The Zori’s sole, with a texture similar to that of grains of rice, inspired the creation of Havaianas.

With a simple design and low price, Havaianas are made from resistant rubber. The phrase: “they don’t deform, the straps don’t come loose and don’t smell” became very well known in the 70’s. 

In the early 90’s, Alpargatas reinvented Havaianas’ positioning. The company created Havaianas Top, making them available in cheerful colors and aligned with fashion trends. The change was also seen at the points of sale – with more attractive packaging and communication. 

“Havaianas: everybody wears them”