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"The elements of nature combined with authentic and traditional craft are the core, the very essence, of our brand. We sprang to life from the colours of the Scandinavian scenery, it’s changing seasons and the Nordic heritage. Our philosophy is rooted in the desire to create items with a loyal life cycle. Always designed to last the whole journey through."


Primeboots is a brand with a long tradition of making quality products inspired by the heritage of the western boots and biker originals. Influenced by the historical Spanish vaquero-style leather boot from the district of Valverde del Camino and combined with the Scandinavian outdoor fashion we seek a unique expression, rooted in the desire of creating long lasting products and timeless pieces with high integrity and a sustainable lifecycle.

We consider the outdoor as our stomping ground, and therefor the nature and outdoor is the natural element we seek inspiration from in our design. A style, influenced by the Scandinavian lifestyle and functionality, with details and forms that comes from the traditional and historical craftsmanship existing in countries such as Spain.

Together the expressions shapes into our genuine design, a design made to last. Our products and fashion are meant for a life closed entwined with the surrounding nature or the life on the road. And the way we see it, the road can be long and it's all a great journey. We aim to create things built to last and take you on a ride.