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For almost 80 years rm has been fitting the feet of people the world over, delivering quality, authenticity, comfort and style. RM is committed to sourcing the best materials and handcrafting them in australia, ensuring you walk away with nothing but the best. handcrafted boots are like a second skin-designed for durability and comfort. Shoose from our range of seasonal or authentic footwear or costom design your own, With world class leathers, skilled artisans and craftsmanship akin to 80 year history, our experience is your guarantee.

The R.M.Williams company was founded and established in 1932 by Australian legend, Reginald Murray (”RM”) Williams AO, CMG. R.M.Williams was established upon the principles of quality, authenticity and durability, beliefs which still resonate in everything we do today. R.M.Williams remains at the forefront of Australian style and is world renowned for Australian handcrafted boots in addition to shoes. Big Men and Longhorn. R.M.Williams is wholly Australian owned and worn by choice by global leaders, international movie stars, world sporting champions and media moguls.


R.M Williams is a name synonymous with Australia, the outback and quality. Now known and respected throughout the world, it is one of only a few companies embodying the name of its founder that brings instant recognition almost whenever or wherever it is written or mentioned. From the most unlikely and most humble beginnings - a camp site in South Australia´s Gammon Ranges during the Great Depression-emerged a business that not only does what it has always done (make quality products for bush people), but in the case of boots, makes them to exactly the same original formula. To be sure, R.M Williams has changed and come a long way since the company´s founder, Reginald Murray Williams, first learned from an itinerant bushman known as Dollar Mick how to make boots with one piece of leather. It is now an international company, with its own stores in New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom. But it is still very much a peopleoriented (and once again family) company, still manufacturing in Adelaide, and still owning and operationg the original premises at 5 Percy Street Prospect - an address that itself brings instant recognition.